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April Chapter Learning Event


ADDIE vs. SAM- Which is better for learning? And why it doesn't have to be a fight?

Presented by:   Amy McIntosh




What’s trending in the education world right now? ADDIE vs. SAM! Come prepared to discover the diversity of a more flexible and iterative model of instructional design that focuses on collaboration and rapid prototyping, compared to the linear, rigid, and some have argued outdated, ADDIE model that has been the ultimate instructional design model for years. What’s the benefit you ask? The ability to share your mockups, prototypes, and early suggestions with the client undefined right off the bat! This way you can adjust on the fly. No more building a course only to realize the client hates the use of some button in every single section

What we will discover:

  • ADDIE vs. SAM – “The Then and The Now”
  • What is Agile Learning and How Can It Transform Learning Design
  • Where Are WE Going? The Future of Instructional Design!
  • How does this apply to me? Discovery and Tool Sharing


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Lowcountry Gig: 

May Chapter Learning Event

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Introvert or Extravert? iNtuitive or Sensing?

Why It's Important for Trainers to Care About Type                      

Presented by:   Dr. Lyn Isbell, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina



You're in a class, and a very peppy facilitator booms from center stage: "Good morning!" The room replies "Good morning," and the facilitator says, "Oh, you all can do better than that" -- encouraging the crowd to yell louder "Good morning." After all, this seems to get the students energized and pumped up for the exciting day of learning ahead.

Only one problem: the louder the group gets, the more introverts in the room are shutting down and bracing themselves to endure, rather than enjoy, the rest of the day.  Learn why is is important to know about type.


Participants will learn...

  • Why type matters -- especially I vs. E and S vs. N
  • Exploring differences between Introverts and Extraverts
  • Exploring differences between Sensing and Intuitive
  • Developing training to consider both I & E, S & N
  • Delivering training to consider both I & E, S & N
  • Epiphanies?


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