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Social Learning:  Enhance Learner Engagement and Knowledge Transfer

Presented by:   Stacy Jemmott-Hunt, IT Consultant/Trainer

“Social Learning” has been a buzzword around the Learning and Development industry for several years.  It has been discussed as a  solution to increase learner engagement and knowledge transfer by utilizing different Social Media tools.  It is the direct correlation to Social Media that has kept some trainers from investing time in learning about this topic.  Social Media is  often described as a Sales and Marketing tool.  It was believed there were no practical uses in the training environment.

This session will explain the value of Social Learning to both trainer and learner.  It will provide examples of  practical applications with little time  or money invested.  Participants will learn:

  • The definition of Social Learning and its correlation to Social Media
  • Overcoming the obstacles of Social Learning
  • Practical applications of Social Learning






Leadership Excellence: Don’t Let your Strengths Become Weaknesses
Presented by:Margaret Seidler



The closest thing to a magic bullet that advances leadership is first the ability of leaders to know themselves and their own motivational values. Next, they see how each value is part of an interdependent pair; for example, leaders need to focus on Task and Relationship over time when leading others regardless of natural preferences. Polarity Thinking principles and tools are explained and experienced to expand wisdom through increased self-awareness. When leaders recognize their own unique pairs of competing, yet connected values, they reduce the “blind spots” that get in the way.

Polarity Thinking makes accessible what may have been hidden in the past. It is a visible and tangible way to be more intentional in your actions to gain higher, more sustainable performance for yourself and others.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

From an enlightened viewpoint, you:

  • Raise awareness of your leadership strengths and how to build upon them
  • Recognize what’s missing
  • Gain clarity about what makes you successful
  • Improve your leadership performance
  • Create synergy over-time through greater balance
  • See where learnings apply to issues in your work groups and organization





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